Welcome to Family Foot Care & Surgery, LLC.

Welcome to Family Foot Care & Surgery, LLC, here in Milford and Hamden, CT. If you are struggling with foot pain, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans deal with lower limb discomfort daily. However, we know that isn’t the way it should be. We believe your feet can be pain-free without giving up your favorite activities. That is why Dr. Sanjay Patel and our whole staff are dedicated to helping you maintain your foot health, comfort, and mobility.

We are a practice you can trust and depend on to listen to you and your family’s needs. Our goal isn’t to simply treat your feet and send you on your way—we work with you on this journey. We understand that educated patients take better care of their own health. Let our practice partner with you to help you understand your foot problems and available treatment options, so you can make informed decisions about your own care. We want to help your feet and more importantly help your whole being to allow you and your loved ones to fully enjoy life.


Every strong structure that stands has a solid base that supports everything above it. If the foundation is unstable, the whole structure is weakened. This principle is also true for your body. Your feet are your own “foundation” and they need to be strong and healthy to maintain your mobility and independence. Foot pain is abnormal. It’s your body’s way of signaling your brain that something has changed and damage is taking place in your lower limbs. You don’t have to learn to live with the discomfort—you can treat the problem and eliminate the pain.

Advanced Treatments

As medical techniques and technologies develop and advance, our practice makes an effort to evaluate and invest in the therapies that truly benefit patients. That is why we offer radial shockwave therapy for heel pain and FDA approved laser treatments for fungal nail infections. The extracorporeal shockwave treatments use sound energy pulses to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, to eliminate issues like chronic heel pain. This noninvasive procedure restores tissues quickly. Laser for fungal nails uses different wavelengths of light to eliminate stubborn infections where topical medications can’t reach. It targets the pathogens directly, without the nasty side effects of oral anti-fungal medicines. We also use ultrasound to diagnose and properly inspect and/or inject suspected problematic painful areas in the foot. Also, we have digital X-rays in both of our offices to quickly take images of your feet for easier diagnosis and treatment planning.

Family Oriented

Family is important to us, just as it is important to you. We serve all ages, from the oldest to the youngest family members; however, Dr. Sanjay Patel is particularly concerned with children’s foot care. Kids’ bodies grow and change rapidly. During their formative years, it’s important that their foundation develops correctly, so that they’re able to maintain their mobility and independence into adulthood. No child deserves to struggle when walking or to limp in pain. Let our expert staff care for your children and help you manage your family’s health.

Common Conditions

Some conditions seem to be particularly problematic for a large number of people. Dr. Sanjay Patel and our staff have worked to become experts in these areas, so we can offer effective treatments and put our patients’ minds at ease. Heel pain, ingrown nails, and bunions are a few of these areas. They can cause significant discomfort and make it difficult to wear many types of shoes. They don’t, however, have to control your life. Let us use conservative measures to offer you real relief and correct your conditions.

We are here to serve you and your family. Don’t live your life with foot pain. Contact either of our two conveniently located offices in Milford and Hamden, CT. If you have questions or would like to know more about any discomfort or problem you’re experiencing, just ask us, or take a look around our website at the educational information we have available. If you’d like to make an appointment or request more information, visit the website contact page and fill out the form, or use our numbers to call: (203) 876-7736 for our Milford office, or (203) 288-4055 for our Hamden location.

Service Areas

Diabetic Foot CareDiabetic Foot Care
Diabetic foot care is not an option - it's a must. To prevent complications, pain and serious infections you have to be aware of your diabetic foot health. Our office provides comprehensive treatment for all of your diabetic foot health needs. 
Nail Fungus/ Laser TreatmentNail Fungus/ Laser Treatment

Nail fungus is a common infection that can be very embarrassing. The fungus causes nails to become yellow, thickened, and ragged, and although it probably won’t hurt you physically, it can significantly affect your self-confidence and happiness. Our office provides an advanced laser therapy treatment that is safe, free from side effects, and has proven significantly more effective than traditional medical remedies.

Ingrown ToenailsIngrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are often painful, frequently frustrating, and may return again and again without care. When the edges or corners of the nail dig into the flesh, they not only create physical distress, but can also open the door to infections and other complications. Fortunately, we can help you alleviate the problem through conservative measures, as well as remove ingrown toenails surgically and even prevent them from coming back.


A bulging bump on the side of your big toe can cause lots of problems. Pain, swelling, trouble walking, and difficulty wearing your favorite pair of shoes are just a few of the most common ones. Bunions won’t get better over time, and ignoring them will only allow the problem to worsen. The good news, though, is that you have treatment options, from conservative strategies to manage the pain to surgical correction.

Pediatric ConditionsPediatric Conditions

If you’ve ever been a parent, we’re sure you’ll agree: no concern is more important or pressing than the health and safety of your child. Yet children are prone to a wide variety of foot and ankle problems, from congenital deformities, to ingrown nails, to heel pain, flat feet, and more. Dr. Patel specializes in caring for even the tiniest feet and ankles, and always treats both parent and child with the utmost care, compassion, gentleness, and warmth.

Heel PainHeel Pain

Chronic heel pain is probably the #1 complaint we hear from patients. Just about everyone will experience it on some level at least once in their lives, but chronic heel pain that lasts for weeks and keeps you from enjoying your life should be evaluated and treated by our team of specialists. Most heel pain conditions respond well to conservative treatments like footwear changes, orthotics, stretches, injections, ice, and other techniques.

General Foot CareGeneral Foot Care

As a board-certified podiatrist with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Patel is trained to provide comprehensive conservative and surgical care for a thorough range of foot and ankle conditions. From sports injuries and traumatic fractures to neuropathy, diabetes, wound care, vascular conditions, and more, if you have any concerns about the health of your feet and legs, we are here to help you. Just call us at (203) 876-7736 to schedule an appointment at our Milford or Hamden offices.

Custom OrthoticsCustom Orthotics
Your feet are your foundation. You need them to remain stable and strong and continue to move around without pain. Sometimes, however, they need extra support. This is where custom orthotics help. Though wear and tear or a biomechanical deficiency, you may develop injuries and discomfort in your lower limbs. An orthotic can offer cushioning or stabilization to protect them and relieve pain.